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    How to fill roles in custom authenticator?


      Hi all,


      following the article http://community.jboss.org/wiki/WebAuthenticationUsingHTTPRequestParameters we are trying to implement a custom authenticator which receives username, roles and some other attributes as request attributes. We used GenericHeaderAuthenticator as a sample.

      We already managed to login the user, but we do not get the roles into the Subject (we do not know how to access the Subject either).


      Here a code snippet


      public class SSOAuthenticator extends FormAuthenticator {
          public boolean authenticate(Request request, Response response, LoginConfig config) throws java.io.IOException {

        SSOPrincipal principal = new SSOPrincipal();
              principal.setRole((String) request.getAttribute("Role"));
              principal.setUserName((String) request.getAttribute("Username"));
              register(request, response,
                      principal, Constants.FORM_METHOD,
                      principal.getUserName(), null);
        return principal.isCompletete();


      Can anyone give us a hint how to do this?


      Thanks and best regards,