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    Create datasource using CLI

    Ramesh Reddy Master

      Can somebody post a sample on how to create a data source using CLI? I checked Admin Guide, did not see any example. The help says, run command "data-source", it was not much help on what parameter it needs,  looks like you can ask for "operation-description for the command.  Can somebody give small example?


      Then I tried something like


      /subsystem=datasources/data-source=java\:/TestDS:add(jndi-name=java:/TestORCL, connection-url= jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:1521:orcl, driver-name=oracle, user-name=myuser, password=pass, pool-name=testorcl)


      given my driver module "oracle" is deployed already, this succeeds. Now I do not see the data source created in the admin-console right away after refresh, I had to restart the server before I can see it.


      I had my user-name set wrong on the data source, so I used admin-console to update the user-name and saved it. But the changes did not take effect either. Is there a refresh or persistence issue with admin-console.