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    rich:filupload binding?

    Kim Eeckhout Newbie

      Hi all,

      is it possible to make a rich:fileupload component remember it's state? I have a webapp where, at a certain point, users can fill out a form and upload files (this is done at the same time, the form asks for information about the files they are uploading). Uploading works just fine. My only issue is that, when a user submits the page, and a validation error occurs on the form, the rich:fileupload loses its state. It looks as if no files have been uploaded, eventhough the files are still present on the backing bean. This leads to confusing situation for users, where they submit more files than they can see in the rich:fileupload component.
      It also loses state when users refresh the page.

      I am aware of the solution which shows a panel with all uploaded files on the livedemo page, but i would rather avoid that. I know there are many components where their state can be saved by binding their model on a backing bean, so I was hoping that something similar exists for rich:fileupload.

      Thanks in advance,