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    ARQ-148 Support EL-like expressions for sysprops and env variables in arquillian.xml

    Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

      Hi Aslak, Andrew and Karel


      I worked a little bit on this task. I implemented a version using the StringPropertyReplacer as used in JBoss for this kind of jobs. Basically, it works at least for system properties. For going further, I'd like to ask some questions:


      1. Is it ok for you that arquillian-container-impl-base has a dependency to the jboss-common-core.jar library?
      2. Aslak suggested to implement it in both existing MapObject's. Does this cover all arquillian.xml elements and attributes?
      3. The original JIRA from Andrew describes support for JSF EL features. Shall we implement it in two steps? First the system props replacement and afterwards support for such EL expressions? Andrew and Aslak, what do you think?
      4. Which arquillian-core branch is the right one? Master?


      My repo for this JIRA is: https://github.com/rbattenfeld/arquillian-core/tree/ARQ-148