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    Ajax calls doesn't return to scope of JavaScript module

    Nikita Sumeiko Newbie

      I am working with JSF and Richfaces quite a long time, however have one very interesting thing I still haven't found how to manage with those frameworks. My team is developing web application with Java as its base and JavaScript + HTML + CSS as its face. And so for making connectors between Frontend and Backend we are using Ajax for JSF (A4J) by creating functions in our .xhtml pages like this:

         data="#{ if needed to return something }"
         oncomplete=" do some JS functions after success return "
         <f:param name="myParam" value=" if has default value " />

      However, we are trying to separate JAVA development from HTML, and HTML from JavaScript as much as possible. This means, we are making calls to a4j:jsFunction outside of .xhtml files, but from JS files, like this:

      // content of javascript file
      var myModule = {
          private: function(){
                var myAchor  = document.getElementById("myAnchor");
                myAchor.onclick = function(){
                     return false;
        return {
                // public methods

      By using that approach, we've to maintain HTML code separately from JavaScript and that makes sence. However, JavaScript code, which is generated by aj4:jsFunction is still inside the HTML when rendered into the page and located into <span> tag. I'm not asking why, because seems there's a reason for that.


      As you can notice in JavaScript code above, I am trying to use modules, which has public and private methods. And here's a problem I am having currently: When calling global a4j:jsFunction I am loosing a scope of a module and cannot return to it after I get data from Backend from a4j:jsFunction connector. Therefore, I wish to ask, if there's a way to keep a scope of my module by making AJAX calls inside the module and get returns also inside it?