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    Found Bug in AJax.js

    sridhar kosna Newbie


        I found the bug in ajax.js where the Browser is IE 8.

         Situation: In our application we use templates to load detail or list pages. To create or edit these templates we have seperate module. In this we provided the option like a checkTemplate which will check template systaxes and all the stuff. The problem comes when i click on checkTemplate Button one popUp box will Come which will notify the errors report. then if i click on yes then IE8 is giving one popUp Box which describes about the Scipt Error. for this i started debugging with deveolpers tools in IE8, there I found the problem with (Richfaces-impl 3.3.1) ajax.js at (Lino-2406  line number may differ)


      A4J.Query = function(containerId, form){

          // For detect AJAX Request.

           this._query = {AJAXREQUEST : containerId};

           this._oldSubmit = null ;

           this._form = form;

           this._containerId = containerId;

           this._actionUrl = ( this._form.action)?this._form.action:this._form;



      Here this._actionUrl is becoming null because form is being set to null from where i dont know that thing.

      thanks & regards,

      sridhar kosna.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          use richfaces space instead. That space is closed.


          Community > Closed > Ajax4JSF > Ajax4JSF Development > Discussions


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            sridhar kosna Newbie

            Thank you for the reply. if you dont mind could tell me briefly something more about this.And i have another bug which is causing me from the past one week . I am trying migrate glassfish v2.x to glassFish 3.0. Migrating in the sense my application was built in glassFish V2.x(JSF 1.2). now i got the requirement from the client that  my application  should also be deployed in GlassFish V3.0(JSF 2.0). With some minor modifications in application i deployed it running fine but in my application most of the pages were built dynamically. when i open those pages(which were built dymically) DuplicateId exception had thrown .To overcome this  i used setTransient(true) to avoid the duplicate Ids. i succeded in that but commandlinks and richtabs are not working in that page in the sense when click on commandlink or richtab nothing happening. processAction method is not being called.so could you give me any suggestions on it.