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    Fire event remotely of uring TaskClient?

    Pierpaolo Lombardi Newbie

      Hi to all; I'm experiencing some problems during process coding in JBPM.

      I have a process in which, at some points, the process have to wait for some events to proceed.


      I used a SignalEvent and, after it, a Gateway node in AND mode (so, it proceeds to the next after all the inputs are ok) (see the attach).

      The problem is that I have no idea how to send the event to the process instance. Please, keep in ming I'm going to run the process engine remotely. I checked in the REST interface and no operation is available for send event action.


      Do you have any suggestion?


      A possibility is to define a dummy user task and, instead of fire the event, I can use the TaskClient to fire the activity completion; what do you think about it?