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    Interceptor not Working in JBoss 6.0.0

    chris.schauer Newbie



      i am trying to get an application deployed to jboss 6.0.0. I dont know whats wrong.

      JBoss start without problems.


      If the Interceptor will called, i'll get the attached exceptions.


      My jboss-aop.xml:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <aop xmlns="urn:jboss:aop-beans:1.0">
         <interceptor name="etmInterceptor" class="com.path.myproject.web.common.PerformanceMeasureInterceptorWeb" scope="PER_VM"/>>
         <bind pointcut="execution(* de.company.myproject.MYPROJServletWrapper->*(..))">
             <interceptor-ref name="etmInterceptor" />


      I configured the jboss.aop.path para in run.bat


      My Interceptor:



      public class PerformanceMeasureInterceptorWeb implements Interceptor {
            /** Properties. */
          private static Logger log = Log.create();
          public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable {
              Object ret = null;
              if (invocation instanceof MethodInvocation) {
                  try {
                    log.info("INTERCEPTOR invoke >>>" +pointName);
                     ret  = method.invokeNext();
                    } finally {
                        log.info("INTERCEPTOR end <<<" +pointName);
                ...    }
          public String getName() {
              return this.getClass().getSimpleName();


      I use Maven for compile and Build the Application an package it to an EAR-File.

      My jbossaop-plugin is configured like:





      The very first test was succesfully. But after changing the Interceptor or refactoring i always get the attached Exceptions.

      I really dont know i all things considered


      Great thx for helping