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    Possible to lookup domain profile name, server group or server name?

    hibernal Newbie

      I'm in a weird position where I need to support a domain model with a bunch of different profiles that differ primarily in the datasources that they use.  The app uses a mix of container managed and bean managed pools, so I need to coordinate  container and bean managed properties according to the profile a given host uses  ( e.g., so that for both container and bean managed db connection pools, servers  using proflle P  access the correct database using the correct credentials ); and I'd like to do this in a programmatic way.   The app isn't mine and I have limited ability to get it changed.  If there were a way that the app could lookup either server name, server group, or profile name?  If so, then I could make sure that server S's could find properties appropriate to it's profile.  Or is there an easier way to do this?