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    HA-Singleton on AS7

    venkman Newbie

      Hi there,


      on the webinar about Jboss 7 clustering was mentioned, that


      - the ha singleton isn't implemented yet

      - will be implemented in 7.1

      - will be different from the ha-singleton in Jboss 6.x (at 1:00:00 --> in AS6 ha-singleton ist a "server-object", in 7.x it will be more "depoyment-driven")


      Are there any known strategies about ha-singleton? Can someone tell me (us) how ha-singleton will be inserted? Which ways could be used?





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          Paul Ferraro Master

          What I'd like to do in AS7.1 is to implement HA singletons as @Clustered @Singleton EJBs.

          HASingleton lifecycle hooks would leverage @PostConstruct @PreDestroy methods.  The AS will handle the remaining instrumentation.

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            Carlo de Wolf Master

            Note that this is contrary to the spec:


            EJB 3.1 FR 4.8 Singleton Bean

            A Singleton session bean is a session bean component that is instantiated once per application. In cases

            where the container is distributed over many virtual machines, each application will have one bean

            instance of the Singleton for each JVM.

            And throw away that note.