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    Using Stomp::Receipt - Performance is slow

    ameya mk Newbie



      We are trying to get hornetQ in as reliable setting as we can. Currently we are running it as follows:


      1. We are using stomp client. However, we are using safe_send approch than just simple send according to this documentation:




      2. Messages are persistent. Also, paging is enabled.


      In above settings we are seeing performance of only about 200-300 messages per second. I have almost 10 producers producing data, and their combined performance is only around ~200-300 messages per second.


      We want to run the Q in as reliable setting as we possibly can. So I have 2 questions:


      1. Is this performance optimal? Can we improve the speed?

      2. We will be using stomp for our clients. Is there any more reliable way of producer sending data other than protocol mentioned here?