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    How to be logged in into two security domains at the same time?

    Hauke Mehrtens Newbie

      We have three web applications running in one JBoss AS 5.1, each in an own .ear and .war file. We are using SSO login as two web applications (named 1. and 2.) are shown to the user as one and he should not see any difference when moving between these two. The other web application (3.) is using a different security domains as it is using a different authentication methods and a different user database.


      If a user logs into the first web application everything works normal and he can change to the second without any problem. But if he wants to login into the other he gets an http error 403 as the application wants to authenticate him with the other session of the first web application. Now our application destroys the session and the user has to login into the second application but then he can not access the first any more.


      We need SSO because some parts of the web page are using Struts 1.3 (1. web application) and some other parts are using JSF 1.2 (1. web application)


      How do I make it possible to to be loged into two different security domains at the same time?