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    Picklist control buttons shifting layout

    Schevus Osborne Newbie

      I have a problem with the picklist control. Most of the time when I use the "copy" control, the layout of the control buttons is shifting, resulting in one of two possible disjointed layouts. See the images below for the resulting flawed layouts:


      shrunk picklist.JPG


      partially shrunk picklist.JPG


      This is what the picklist looks like normally:


      normal picklist.JPG


      When I use any other control, the format corrects itself, and the problem only presents with the copy button (relabled "move" for my uses).


      Here is the code for this picklist, though this is happening for every picklist in my application.



      <rich:pickList id="programFormats" value="#{program.programFormats}" listsHeight="100px"
                          copyAllControlLabel="Move All" copyControlLabel="Move" required="true">
          <s:selectItems value="#{lookup.findActiveProgramFormats(program.programFormats)}" var="format"


      To be clear, I have tried removing the list height limitation and that did not fix the problem. Has anyone else encountered this? I couldn't find anything on it through searching the internet.


      I am using richfaces 3.3.1.GA.