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    JBoss deployment with ANT

    Bharat Savanur Newbie

      I am trying to deployu existing application in JBos5.2 to JBoss7.0 To do that we are using ant build scripts.

      In JBoss5.2 we used org.Jboss.Main class to start the server execution passing this as a parameter to the ant script.

      How would we do the same thing in Jboss 7? Is there any equivalent class?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Are you running standalone or domain? Have you looked at the scripts used to start AS 7? If you did, you would see that it uses -jar rather than identifying a main class. (If you look in the jar file its manifest identifes a main class.) Therefore I suspect you would change you <java> task to use the "jar" (and not the "classname") attribute. In addtion, you will also need to pass the other parameters that are new to AS 7.


          If you need more help than that, post the full task (or better yet, the whole target) used to start JBoss AS.

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            Bharat Savanur Newbie

            Here are the following tasks that need to be done using ant script :

            1) Deploy the application in domain mode.

            2) The deployment should go to a particular server group.

            3) Once that is done the server should be automatically started with application running.


            In short all the automation needs to be done. Since there is no deployment folder in domain mode i dont know how to proceed further with the EAR which i have created.


            Is it possible to do this in JBoss7 Domain mode?

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              Peter Johnson Master

              Have you read the admin guide at https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/Admin+Guide? This shows you how to deploy applications from the command line. Given that information, you should be able to perform the tasks you outlined.