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    infinispan question

    Dan Sirbu Newbie



        In order to have the jgroups activated in as7 I add in the inifinispan subsystem setup the following entry: start="EAGER" and that for each cache-container.


        The behaviour is that I would have 4 clusters started:


      GMS: address=traffic_instance_PL-3-18819, cluster=cluster

      GMS: address=traffic_instance_PL-3-16418, cluster=web

      GMS: address=traffic_instance_PL-3-29553, cluster=sfsb

      GMS: address=traffic_instance_PL-3-22689, cluster=hibernate


        So far so good. The question is that I do see the some warnings. Here is an example :


      08:49:28,274 WARNING [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] (OOB-16,web,traffic_instance_PL-3-16418) discarded message from different cluster "sfsb" (our cluster is "web"). Sender was traffic_instance_PL-3-29553


        Since the jgroups can define only one interface where all cluster messages are going through then I wonder if this is 'ok' since I will have messages that go from a cluster to a different cluster for 'nothing' just to get discarded.


        Should each cluster have a distinct port in order to avoid the above ? If yes, how this can be achieved ?



      Dan S.