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    Pointcut expression with annotation (JBoss 4.3 vs JBoss 5.1)


      Hi folks,


      I went through this:


      I have an application that uses JBoss AOP pointcut expression like this: pointcut="all(@org.chies.chiesaop.ChiesAnnotation)"

      This used to work fine on JBoss AS 4.3 (using jboss aop 1.5.5). When I started using JBoss 5.1 (with jboss aop 2.1.6) the pointcut stopped working at runtime. I mean, there is no problem on startup and nothing about exceptions, but the pointcut expression didn't match anymore.


      Doing some tests, I discovered that the problem is on my custom annotation (ChiesAnnotation). I just put the Retention RUNTIME and the pointcut started working normally.


      I know how the Retention works on annotations, and also I agree that RUNTIME must be used in this case. However, i would like to know why this works fine on JBoss 4.3 (AOP 1.5.5) and not on JBoss 5.1. What is the implementation feature of JBoss 5.1/AOP 2.1.6 that makes this use case stop working ?


      Thanks in advice for the attention !