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    Hyperlink not working from Modal Panel in Firefox

    Paskal Sanil Newbie


      I am facing a peculiar problem. I am using a Hyperlink which will download a file onClick.

      In Firefox, when i place the Hyperlink on a Modal Panel, onClick nothing happens. However there is no problem if i place it on the main page.

      In IE it works whatsoever.

      I get the following error message in the FireBug.

      form is undefined
      oamSetHiddenInput()3_3_0.GA...cript.wtk (line 115)
      oamSubmitForm()3_3_0.GA...cript.wtk (line 154)

      Is there a bug with javascript in richfaces 3.3.0? Or the way i am using it?

      Sample HTML

      <form id="DefaultDialog-f" name="DefaultDialog-f" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/richclient/facelets/widgettest/simactivityloadspec.xhtml" target="">
      <a href="#" onclick="return oamSubmitForm('DefaultDialog-f','DefaultDialog-f:downloadBulkData',null,[['Uri','ExportedData.zip'],['Uri','ExportedData.zip']]);" id="DefaultDialog-f:downloadBulkData" type="DownloadLink">ExportedData.zip</a> <input type="hidden" name="autoScroll"/>

      Thanks in advance for the help,
      paskal sanil