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    which one is best :Richfaces3.3 Vs Richfaces 4.x

    Devi S Newbie

      Hi ,


             I am trying to migrate the exsisting JSF1.2+Richfaces3.3.1+Seam2.1 project to JSF2.1.2+Richfaces4.0+Seam3. while using richfaces 4.0 i get so many run time errors and so many tags are removed from richfaces like "ui:include, rich:spacer".


      My question is, now which one is best to use for migration process whether richfaces3.3 or richfaces4.x. If i am using richfaces 4.x means need to change all tags.


      Any advice and ideas will be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          hantsy bai Master

          For my opions, I have used Richfaces 3.3(and Seam 2) over one year, and recently, I tried to mirgrate some codes to Richfaces 4 +Seam3(do some research in the combination),  I encountered many problems.


          The static HTML codes generated by Richfaces 4 is still terribles, table layouts, the tags nested deeply.


          I think if I select Richfaces as my jsf solution, I only want to use the a4j part, I will discard any rich components in Richfaces 4.

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            mpdx Newbie

            Hi everyone - this is my first post to the forums!


            I began coding in JSF last year and always have felt that JSF 2.0 is the future.  I started with Primefaces because it was JSF 2.0 compliant.  I'm now coming back to JSF and finding RichFaces likely to be the most stable of them (and this is in relation to 3.3.x).  I was very happy to see that RF 4.0 was out with support for JSF 2.0.


            My project is hobby but could see a production release some day.  I'd like to release it around March of next year.  My question may be a bit different than the folks above but somewhat similar.  I'm wondering at this time - as a new JSF developer creating web applications from scratch - which way to go - either with RF 3.3.x and JSF1.2 or RF 4.0 and JSF 2.0.  I look at the RichFaces in Production page and 3.3.x dominate the production environments.


            Is it wrong to think that starting with RF 3.3.x at this point in time is counter productive and I'd only be migrating over to RF 4 and JSF 2.0 in a year or less?  Any advice or ideas to help my thinking here would be so helpful and appreciated.  I'm very new to JSF, RichFaces and my hobby project is brand new.


            *EDIT - and also with thoughts of what the poster wrote above me - would anyone object to RF 4.0 being used without problems in a production environment?

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              Adrien Adrien Apprentice

              It s normal rf3.x is more representative in

              production. rf4 just come out.wait 6months 1 year to see usage.

              For me there is no hrsitation to migrate jsf 2 rf4:new features, compatibily browder(what doing if a new broser version come out and rf3 is no more maintains?), easiest to use new server ....

              So if there some problems in rf 4, there a good process and people that remediate to this. this is the life of a softawre. who know how to wfrite a soft without bugs in first realese?

              I think rf4 will best that rf3 most beautiful, more components, more performances (ex push)