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    [RF 4.1M1] rich:tooltip  & showDelay request executed immediatly, delay not executed

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice


      It's possible I've not understand the showdelay for rich:tooltip:

      ->what i understand : the request is executed after the delay and the the tooltip is shown.

      ->what i have : the request is immediately executed, the delay is executed and then the tooltip is shown.


      Is it a bug?




      <h:panelGroup rendered="#{ac.accountStatus =='V' and  not empty ac.urlPhotoCV}" style="float:left">

          <h:graphicImage styleClass="imgborder" id="imcvx" value="#{ac.urlPhotoCV}" alt="#{ac.userId}" />

           <rich:tooltip  target="imcvx" mode="ajax" followMouse="true" layout="block" showDelay="1000" >

                     <h:graphicImage styleClass="imgborder" value="#{ac.urlPhoto}" height="350" alt="#{ac.userId}"/>