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    Infinispan and JGroups reload configuration?

    Darrell Burgan Newbie

      Hello, we are getting started using Infinispan 5.x as our caching system. We use a customized object relational mapper that we maintain in-house, so there is no Hibernate or other JPA layer in the mix. We are currently using Tomcat as our platform, with no other application server component.


      My question right now is this: we will need to be able to reconfigure things in the Infinispan XML file and also in the JGroups XML file without having to do a code redeployment or even a bounce of the system. What are my options for making this happen? How do I force Infinispan to reload and reset itself without bouncing the JVM? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      By the way, It is okay if this results in a cache clear globally ... but I definitely will need a way to tweak the configuration on the fly.



      Darrell Burgan