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    Two problems using MDBs in JBoss 7.0.1

    Borisa Zivkovic Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      two problems when porting application from AS6 to AS7




      I am not able to inject MessageDrivenContext into MDB (JBoss 7.0.1-Final):


      This does not work:



      private MessageDrivenContext ctx;



      I am getting exception

      Can't handle @Resource for ENC name: com.test.testMDB/ctx on class com.test.testMDB since it's missing a "lookup" (or "mappedName") value and isn't of any known type



      but this



      private EJBContext ctx;


      does work. This looks strange and probably should be fixed. In AS6 both approaches worked fine.




      jboss.xml does not work for defining what queue/topic MDB is listening to. I have to put this information in annotations on MDBs. This is workaround for now but definitely should be fixed. I was not able to find info whether jboss.xml is still valid configuration file for AS7.