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    Richfaces modal panel disappears intermittently

    Umesh S Newbie



      I'm using richfaces modal panel popup to diplay a list of content, most of the times things work Ok, modal panel gets displayed on top of the parent screen but sometimes as soon as the button to launch the popup is clicked, the pop up appears for a fraction of seconds and disappears without any errors. here is the code snippet from my application:


      <a4j:commandButton id="upgrade-button-top"




                                                                                                    disabled="#{empty upgradeDataBean.upgradeList}">

                                                                                                    <a4j:support event="onclick" action="#{upgradeDataBean.createAvailableUpgradeList}"

                                                                                                        reRender="modal-upgrade-popup" />





                                                                            <%-- Modal popup panel to display a list of available List to upgrade. --%>


                                                                            <rich:modalPanel id="modal-upgrade-popup" autosized="true"

                                      onshow="#{(empty upgradeDataBean.upgradeList) ?


                                           submitLinkAction(\"List-choice\", \"upgrade-list-link\");' : 'disableButtons();'}">


      I'm pretty new to richfaces and don't have much expereince debugging richfaces components, could someone provide some pointers as what could be the problem or at least how could I debug it?