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    RF 4 - extendedDataTable context menu and Icon sets

    mpdx Newbie

      Hi everyone - my second post to the forums.


      I have a question regarding the extendedDataTable in RF 4.  I see in RF 3.3.x there is an attribute - enableContextMenu for extendedDataTables.  I really like that and was wondering if there was a way to recreate this in RF 4 and if anyone had examples for doing this.  Much appreciated ^^


      Also - I am using the blueSky skin in my RF 4 projects.  I was wondering if anyone had any links to an icon set that could be used with this theme.  Specifically to start I was looking for the arrow icons that could be used in dataTable column headers to show the direction of the sort but am looking to other icons as well (new document, cut/paste, check marks, Xs, etc).


      Much thanks and I'm so impressed with RF and its community!



      *** UPDATE - I did find this icon set to start with which is free if you give credit to the author, just a few dollars if you want to use it without.  The icon set is 10x10 and 16x16 and can be found here - http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/ - it's the Diagona Icon set.


      Also for the extendedDataTable context menu in RF 4 - I know that the attribute isn't implemented in RF 4 like it was in RF 3.3.x - was just wondering if anyone had some example code that would immitate or come close to providing the same functionality for the edt column context menu in RF 4.  Thanks again.