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    All deployments failing on mass-deploy when using dependencies

    Rico Neubauer Novice



      Experiencing a different behavior in deployment depending upon deployment order.

      I have some OSGi bundles and one EJB-jar, which defines a dependency upon one of the bundles using:

      Dependencies: deployment.com.companyname.common.CompUtil:0.0.1.SNAPSHOT


      Please correct me, if you see some  awkwardness here already.

      This works fine and everything works, when the EJB-jar gets deployed after all the OSGi-bundles are already started, see attached log server_startup_working_due_to_deployment_of_EJBs_delayed.txt

      However, when re-deploying all deployments, or just on a simple restart, all of the deployments fail, since it seems that this dependency leads some undefined state where in consequence also the VFS loses its mount-points, as can be seen here, where the mount point is in the start-up directory, which obviously causes a FNFEx:

      FileNotFoundException: D:\test\jboss-as-7.1.0.Alpha1-2011-09-12\bin\content\com.seeburger.lib.ext_1.0.0.jar\axiom-dom.jar

      See full log attached.


      Everything also works fine, when replacing the EJB-jar with an EJB-jar, which does not have any dependencies on an OSGi-bundle.



      • standalone-preview
      • Windows7
      • jboss-as-7.1.0.Alpha1 as of 2011-09-12


      Is this a bug, which I should open-up an issue for, or any other hints?