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    How to access JBossAS7's Infinispan remotely via ispncon ?




      My use case is as follows:

      • store (some of) the webapp configuration inside Infinispan
      • the data is persisted (not just cache)
      • Infinispan is powered by JBossAS7's bundled (i.e. not standalone Infinispan)
      • the data can be accessed remotely via client


      For accessing IS from webapp, is the method below the recommended way ?


      private org.infinispan.manager.CacheContainer container;


      For remote client, I'm looking at ispncon,which seems to be perfect fit, but I don't know how to configure Infinispan inside JBoss AS 7 to "open" the HotRod/memcached/REST servers.


      What is the "right"/recommended protocol to be used when accessing Infinispan remotely? How to configure this?


      Thank you.