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    Missing "J2EE Domains" node from web-console

    Adam A R Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am trying to look into UAT, for server components, on JBoss AS 4.2.3. So I opened http://uatserver:8080/web-console.

      The applet loads in the left panel with only "Monitoring" node under "JBoss Management Console".


      I have a local deployment of JBoss AS 4.2 (basically community edition). And here the web-console applet shows additionally following:

      1. System
      2. J2EE Domains and
      3. AOP


      I need the J2EE Domains to see the UAT deployment an analyze further.


      I compared configuration files from both setups, but couldnt find anything usefully different.

      At this point I am thinking,

      1. Either some component is not installed at all in the UAT environment
      2. Or, some ACL is restricting the node from appearing in the applet of web-console.


      Any insights and pointers will be of great help.


      Thanks in advance.