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    problem using walk method in custom extendeddatamodel

    michael shapira Newbie

      Hi I have extendeddatatable in richfaces 4.

      I defined: clientrows=10 so I can scroll the table in the ajax based mode


      However I see something strange in the walk method:

      I print the following values in the walk method......


      int firstRow = ((SequenceRange) range).getFirstRow();

      System.out.println("firstRow " + firstRow);

         int numberOfRows = ((SequenceRange) range).getRows();

      System.out.println("numberOfRows " + numberOfRows);



      When application starts I see in the log


      firstRow 0

      numberOfRows 10

      firstRow 0

      numberOfRows 10



      After I do the first scroll down

      I see the following:


      firstRow 10

      numberOfRows 10

      load items from 10 and count of rows 10

      firstRow 0

      numberOfRows 10



      Note that for some reason it prints firstRow 0!!!!. It cause all my logic to crash.

      Does anyone knows what to do????? And why I see firstRow 0 , I scrolled down, so I am for sure not at row 0