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    Facing problem with rich:effect

    Sharath Kumar Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am using rich:effect in rich:datatable. I have one link in rich:column. But when i am clicking the link the particular row is not getting effected.The last row is getting effected, no matter which row link i clicked.Last row is getting effected.

      Here is the piece of code,

      <rich:dataTable id="ratingsList" value="#{beanName.method()}" var="variable" rows="3" rowKeyVar="ratingId">
      <rich:column >

      <a:commandLink value="[ More ]" onclick="showDiv()" styleClass="result_item_link" />
      <a:commandLink value="[ Close ]" onclick="hideDiv()" styleClass="result_item_link" />

      <rich:effect name="hideDiv" for="descriptionDiv#{ratingId}" type="Squish" />
      <rich:effect name="showDiv" for="descriptionDiv#{ratingId}" type="BlindDown" />

      //div id="descriptionDiv#{ratingId}" Div start
      // Div content......

      // Div End