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    stopping a domain controller using jboss-admin.sh

    Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

      Hi, I would like to know how to stop a domain controller and it's managed hosts using the command line interface.  For a standalone server I can use:


      jboss/bin/jboss-admin.sh --connect command=:shutdown


      however, this does not work when the servers are in a domain; then I get the following error:


      The controller is not available at localhost:9999


      My host.xml file includes:



                <native-interface interface="management" port="9999" />

                <http-interface interface="management" port="9990"/>



      How can jboss-admin.sh be used to control domains, or is this not possible?  I have also had a hard time finding any documentation regarding the shutdown command, only one reference to the above shutdown command, nothing regarding its use once connected.


      thanks, Mitchell