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    Instance variables as query constraints?


      I need to filter tasks using instance variables. Instead the default behavior of retaining the same user for all tasks in a swimlane, I need to exclude users from performing some tasks in the same swimlane. I could call api's to get available tasks for a user and then examine processInstance variables to filter out excluded tasks in the user's application. But this bleeds workflow into the application. It looks like instance variables are persisted in ways that can't be queried. Is there a way where I could use my defined instance variables as query constraints on queries for tasks? Or is there another way to filter tasks by instance variables on the jbpm side?

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          Hi Gary, this is a good question. I need to check a little bit about how to create those queries. RIght now the information is being sent to the Human Task server and it's persisted through JPA to the jbpm-human-task structures in the DB. Extending that module to be able to query the information that it's being sent by the process should be so hard, but it needs to be done as far as I know. I will take a look on the current status and probably write about it. I will take note of this request so I can tackle down as soon as possible.