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    Issue facing with richfaces pagination, dataScroller is not displaying correctly

    Raj Raj Newbie



      I am new to RichFaces and I am using richfaces 4.0 version.  I am facing one issue with pagination. 


      I am having one page, in which users list will be displayed along with the pagination.  In the page, the admin can search users by search criteria, suppose if he gives value for First Name and clicks search, then the respective users lists will be displayed.


      I am facing issue with pagination.  In our page we are having one dropdown box, the values are All, Active and Inactive.


      • Whenever the users selects Active, and clicks search the list and dataScroller is  displaying correctly. 
      • If he selects Inactive, the list and dataScroller is displaying correctly. 
      • Now if he selects Active, the list is coming properly, but the dataScroller is not displaying correctly.  The dataScroller is not showing page numbers.  Please find the attached image.


      We are using the following code for Search button:

      <a4j:commandButton value="#{uit.search}"

                                    action="#{searchBean.getSearchResult}" render="grid,noRecordsPanel"

                                    styleClass="red_btn" />


      Data Scroller and Data Table:

      <h:panelGrid id="grid">


                              rendered="#{searchBean.noOfPages != 1 and searchBean.rowCount != 0}">

                              <rich:dataScroller id="userdataScroller" for="userTable"

                                    page="#{searchBean.currentPage}" maxPages="#{searchBean.noOfPages}"




                        <rich:dataTable id="userTable" rows="#{prodConf.noOfRowsPerPage}"

                              value="#{searchBean.usersList}" var="userData"

                              rowClasses="tableOddRow,tableEvenRow" styleClass="case-list"

                              rendered="#{not empty searchBean.usersList}"





      Can anyone help us on this?


      Thanks in advance.