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    JSFUnit Download broken

    Thomas Keller Newbie

      I'm about to test-drive JSFUnit 2 with Arquillian, but the downloads

      section on the main site still lists beta1 and these links are broken.


      I then tried to get the jars via the maven repository, but there are too

      many interdependencies apparently (especially because of Arquillian)

      that this would lead to something. Could somebody please pinpoint me to the

      correct place where I can download the needed jars combined (or at least

      see a complete list of linked depdencencies)? That would be great, many

      thanks in advance for that.


      I still hope JSFUnit is of use for us at all - we've Apache MyFaces 1.x

      here, wired together with Spring 3, and I stumbled upon this ticket [0]

      and other resources that told me that autowired components might not

      work in referenced beans.




      [0] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JSFUNIT-235

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          Stan Silvert Master

          Hi Thomas,


          Thanks for letting me know about the broken links.  It looks like those links are no longer allowed so I'm trying to find out an alternative.


          Also, Beta2 should be out in the next couple of days so I'll be editing that download page anyway.


          MyFaces 1.1 is still supported in JSFUnit 2.  I think the Spring issue you are referring to is one with special scopes.  JSFUnit can handle the custom scopes used in JSF2, but (except for Seam) it does not recognize scopes created outside of JSF.  I don't personally use Spring but some others on this forum might be able to give you some tips.  I'd suggest starting a new thread for your specific problem.



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            Stan Silvert Master

            The downloads page is now fixed.  You can download Beta 2 from there.