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    Native data types out of a workflow

    Chris Nash Newbie

      I have a workflow I want to inject data into and get data out of. I got the data injection part down, thanks in part to the examples. But I'm having trouble getting data out. If I get inject an Object in, I can alter it in the workflow and get the changed version out. However, if I pass in a native type (e.g. String, int), I can change it all I want in the workflow. The changes stay in effect in the workflow, but are lost upon exit (I assume because Java passes native types by value, and not by reference).


      I assume I need to do some sort of mapping thing to get them out right before the workflow terminates, but I can't find a discussion on this. Is this correct or do I have to convert all my data types to custom Objects in order to get them back out of the workflow?


      Thanks for any pointers!