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    Connection Factory as a Service

    Ramesh Reddy Master



      I am working with AS7 nightly as the it has fix to make the "connection-factories" work. The current behavior I see is that a "resource-adapter" is deployed as AS7 service, however all the "connection factories" underneath it get bounded to a JNDI name, but they are not available as a service. Is there a possibility for me to request to also deploy a service for each connection factory?


      On the same token, each of the "data-source" is available as a service. Which is good.


      The reason for my request is, in Teiid a virtual database (VDB) depends on both data-sources and connection-factories. I would like to tie these services as dependencies to my VDB service, with out "connection factories" available as services there is no clean way I can tie in lifecycle of VDB with just with JNDI names.


      I am willing to contribute code for this, if this is a acceptable change. Otherwise, if anybody can suggest alternatives, I can really use it.


      Thank you.