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    jQuery Plugin Usage in RichFaces 4.

    Saroj Kumar Newbie

            I'm trying to create a modal popup in jQuery in JSF 2.0 / Richfaces 4 Application. jQuery works fine as is, say $('#myDiv').css. But jQuery plugins fail like $.blockUI(); I get the error message, the object does not support his property or value.

      jQuery Version : 1.4.4

                How do I resolve this ? How do I use jQuery Plugins in Richfaces 4 Application.




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          Saroj Kumar Newbie

          The below solution worked

          1.The jQuery plugin was put into WebContent\resources folder

          2.The plugin was included using into the body of the page NOT the head.

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            actually you have to use jQuery plugin compatible with jQuery shipped with RichFaces. And do not loaded your own version of jQuery but use built-in one. In other case unpredictable conflicts could appear.

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              Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice

              I am trying to do something similar


              The problem is that, the h:outputScript tag happens BEFORE the inclusion of the jquery that comes inside the richfaces distribution. Because of that, the jquery plugin fails miserably


              Furthermore, if i try to do this


              <h:outputScript name="util.js" library="js" />


              And in the util.js i try to use jQuery stuff, it also fails


              I think that it would be a better solution to bring back the a4j:loadScript component and add a priority variable that should state if the script being loaded should be loaded after the richfaces stuff, or before. I don't really like the solution of including scripts outside the head section


              Is there any other solution at the time ???