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    Monitoring / Surveillance Feature in domain mode

    karin k Newbie



      playing around with JBoss (AS7) in domain mode I have seen that several processes are started when a domain is started


      ProcessController -> HostController (which is either the DomainController or just a HostController) -> all App Servers (marked with autostart= true)


      I have also recognized that when I kill an JBoss AS 7 App Server -> it will be automatically restarted by the HostController

      and when I kill the JBoss AS 7 HostController that one will be automatically restarted by the ProcessController


      As I haven't found any description about this feature I'm wondering if this is a supported feature (or is it just the way it is today implemented and in future this behaviour can change).


      I think it is pretty cool, because in past we used the javaservicewrapper to monitor our JBoss processes and now JBoss seems to support that itself


      Regards && Thanks for your help