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    Connection Pool (DataSource) is slow

    vlc vlc Newbie

      Hi Community,


      I am using the following MySQL DataSource XML:


      <xa-datasource-property name="URL">jdbc:mysql://</xa-datasource-property>
      <!-- <track-connection-by-tx>true</track-connection-by-tx> -->


      I am doing something like this:

      0. create at application startup DataSource (InitialContext, lookup())

      1. execute at each request java.sql.Connection = ds.getConnection();

      2. do queries (PreparedStatement-s, ResultSet-s)

      3. close PreparedStatement-s, ResultSet-s, Connection object


      TEST: I execute 100 or 1000 requests requiring connection to the Database.

      The problem is DataSource.getConnection() takes very often 500 ms ~ 600 ms.

      At every get connection a new WrappedConnection object is returned (but I expect to reuse some already created connections)

      "show processlist" in MySQL show always 10 connections, jmx-console shows the pool is working with information like: created, in-use, destroyed connections.



      Please give me some answars:

      1. Why getConnection() function is so slow?

      2. Why diferrent WrappedConnection objects are create at each getConnection() call?

      3. The pool is between 10~100. Why does not exceed 10 connections even I execute 100 or 1000 parallel requests.


      Thank you for your interest.


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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Are you sure that exact the getConnection is slow?

          What JBoss version you use?

          Do you use the template examples/jca and what did you change?

          Did you have logging in TRACE mode?


          Do you check the jmx-console regarding connection count (create, destroy, max-in-use)?


          To check the plain JDBC it might be useful to use a simple Java application to check how long this will take.