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    Full description of "resource-adapter"

    Ramesh Reddy Master



      Currently when I issue the the following command in CLI


      [standalone@localhost:9999 /] /subsystem=resource-adapters/resource-adapter=teiid-connector-ws.rar:read-resource-description


      The properties described are the only properties that are generic to any RAR file. For Teiid tooling to create "connection-factory" we need to expose the properties inside "ra.xml" that are defined using "config-property".


      In AS 5.1.0 based Teiid, we read these properties through JMX beans and exposed them through our Admin API. In AS7 based Teiid I would like to see if we can get by doing the above CLI command, such that we do not use hacks as before. Also we are opting use ModelController for admin stuff.


      This is a *must* have feature for Teiid tooling to work. Can you guys suggest any alternatives? I am willing to contribute code with some guidance, if this is acceptable.


      I am similar issue with [xa]data-source stuff too..