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    Begging for any advice to get extendedDataTable working

    Robert Gary Newbie

      I'm running JBoss  6,. MyFaces 2.06, RF 3.3.3.FINAL. I am successfuly using many of the RF components. The only one I just can't get to work is the extendedDataTable. I've spent so much time trying to get it to work because I believe it would really be useful to me. The problem is that if I use it, none of the client-side stuff seems to work. If I drag and drop a column to move it I get the spinning wheel and it just hangs. If I try to use the drop down box on the column headers I see the drop down arrow appear but clicking on it does nothing. There must be something wrong in my configuration. Does anyone have a .war file they can share with me that has a working example of extendedDataTable that I can deploy to my JBoss 6 server? I really want to figure out what is wrong. I've been to the demo site and it works fine in my browser so it must be some configuration on my side.