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    Hornetq-2.2.7.Final as Standalone or Hornetq-2.2.5.Final in AS7

    Asdren Kuci Newbie



      I've counter a compatibility problem between HornetQ realases.

      I have externel software which needs hornetq libs (eg. $hornetq-2.2.5-Final_HOME/lib), and I need the exact libs from a running HornetQ server.


      As Jboss AS7 commes with HornetQ-2.2.7-Final i can't find all the libs needed (eg. jboss-mc.jar, jnpserver.jar).


      How could I intergrate HornetQ-2.2.5.Final in AS7 or do I have to build HoornetQ-2.2.7-Final from souce? Or does anybody has a build from "http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/hornetq/branches/Branch_2_2_AS7"?


      Thank you in advance!



      Asdren Kuci