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    How to config a hint for rich:autocomplete?

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I use RF4.0.0-Final, with rich:autocomplete. Then, I would like to configure a hint to explain something for this field.

      I tried to use like this code:


      <a title="Explanation...">

          <rich:autocomplete id="ProprietarioFil_cidade" value="#{proprietarioFil.entity.cidade}"

                                                  mode="cachedAjax" minChars="2" showButton="true"



                                                  readonly="false" required="false" requiredMessage="">

              <f:converter converterId="cidadeConverter"/>



      but the resulting layout is not so good, it appears some spaces between this field and row above:


      If I delete the <a title...>, the resulting layout becomes right:


      Is there other way to implement a hint/explanation for this field. For example, a4j:commandButton has the title property that works fine for this goal.