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    h:selectOneMenu and valueChangeListener

    leonardo ginting Newbie

      hi guys can somebody help me...

      i had an issue about jsf especially about h:selectOneMenu and ValueChangeListener so this is the case..



      i had two comboBox lets call


      1. FRUIT

           -- apel

           -- manggoes


      2. PRICE

           -- expensive

           -- middle

           -- low


      and for your information below this comboBox i have a TABLE,,


      where i chose the FRUIT "apel" and PRICE "middle" it would be reRendering the TABLE,

      and value in TABLE change according to the value in the ComboBox changed..


      and the problem is i can see in log When Fruit is Change but when price is change it do nothing

      i meant when i chose "middle" in the log there is no change at all..


      or if u need to see my code i will provide it


      help me guys to get out of here..

      thanks in advance..