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    Using a <rich:toolTip> in a value property of <h:outputText>

    Fabian Ravaux Newbie



      Someone can tell me if i can do this:


      I have a "<h:outputText>" and in the value property I want to display some informations, by example: "<span>info1</span><span>info2</span> etc... but for some informations, I would like to add a "<rich:toolTip>" but does it work when the <rich:toolTip> is in the "value" of a <h:outputText> or there is another way to do that?


      So, by example:

      <h:outputText value="{bean.getPanel}" />


      My getPanel() method returns <h:outputText value="<span>info1</span>"><rich:toolTip value="..."/></h:outputText><h:outputText value="<span>info2</span></h:outputText> ...


      And another question: Am I obliged to use another <h:outpuText> in my first <h:ouputText> to use the <rich:toolTip>?


      Thanks in advance!