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    Unable to connect to IRC server

    ylq2250 kun Newbie

      I have downloaded and  installed the HydraIRC client,but when i try to make a connection to the chat server,there is an error on the mai screen which tell the flow error information:


      [13:38] *** Connecting to "irc.codehaus.org:6667" (Attempt 16 of 110)

      [13:38] *** Resolving host name

      [13:38] *** Connecting to

      [13:38] *** Socket Error (10060: Attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection)

      [13:38] *** Unable to connect to IRC server

      [13:38] *** Disconnected (2011-09-21 13:38:32)

      [13:38] *** Connect attempt 16 of 110 failed, delaying retry for 300 seconds (Click "Disconnect" to cancel)


      why?is there anything else that i need to config or i did something wrong while connect to the server??