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    Wanted: Way to handle jbpm related files with guvnor

    hamsterdancer Newbie

      Hi there,


      I've got short a question and I'm not so sure where to ask it (here or on the guvnor site)... I'd like to handle all the jBPM concerning files for guvnor in my own application. It means, handling ordinary CRUD Operations. (The aim is to produce somewhere else some stuff for jbpm and put it on the correct place into guvnor for using it in jbpm and jbpm concerning parts like the designer... e.g. automatically putting some workitem definitions into guvnor, so that you can use it after in the designer)


      The first Idea (which is really easy to handle) is using web dav, but then it has some problems with deleted files... there won't be really deleted. It means, although you're are not able to find them in guvnor, you're still able to access them with the direct URL. In addition to it, after you've tried to delete them, you're also not able to upload another file with the same name.


      Another Idea was to do it with the REST Api of guvnor, but the way to handle files I don't like. It looks to complicated for such simple CRUD Operations (maybe because I don't have so much experience wit REST yet) But at least it is possible and easy to really delete files and packages.


      So, I'd like to get some easy Ideas how to handle my jBPM files with guvnor.