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    Method-Parameters not supported in JBossEL/JBoss 6.1?

    Gregor Rosenauer Newbie

      My colleague has got a problem with JBoss 6.1 (stock) / JSF 2.0 (with PrimeFaces 3.0M3):

      Trying to retrieve a date value through an EL expression that calls a method with a parameter and then references a property of the return value, like this:

      <h:inputText value="#{orderController.getOrder(orderId).date}" />


      Throws this error:

      value="#{orderController.getOrder(orderId).date}": The class 'com.test.view.OrderController' does not have the property 'getOrder'.


      orderController is a SessionScoped JSF BackingBean, .date is a java.util.date.

      This works well under Glassfish,-)
      Is it possible to use methods with JSF-EL value bindings or rendered conditions?