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    Dynamic collapsible Sub Table in 3.3.3.CR1

    ram ram Newbie

      Hey Guys,


      I m using richfaces 3.3.3.CR1 and trying to implement collapsibleSubTable of multilevel. The problem is that i m building the component dynamically (on server side) by adding HtmlSubTables In HtmlDataTable, I m repeating this technique over and over to reach the required levels.


      The data is retrieved on demand, I m working with huge data and i need to reRender the HtmlSubTable containing the retrieved data only but this is not working till i reRender the main HtmlDataTable. The huge data make the Html generated by richfaces huge which lead to a significant delay in time to show the desired data.

      Here is an example showing the component structure:





      I know that the component is available in Richfaces 4.x version. but i need to implement the same component having multilevels in richfaces 3.3.3.CR1.

      Does anybody has any idea or suggestion?


      Please find attached a screen shot of my collapsible Sub Table.


      Awaiting ur feedback.


      Ram Ram