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    Release distro testing

    Tom Fennelly Master

      If it's all the same with everyone else, I'm going to execute the as6 and as7 tests in release/tests-as6 and release/tests-as7.  At the moment, there's some maven jigerypokery going on whereby the unit test classes in tests-as6 and tests-as7 are jared and installed into the local repo, from where they are unzipped and executed during the test lifecycle of jboss-as6 and jboss-as7.  I've no idea why it was done this way.


      I'm going to change it back to a more standard maven model, such that jboss-as6 and jboss-as7 just build the distribution and the testing is done in tests-as6 and tests-as7 i.e. no zipping of unit test classes etc.  Let me know if there are any objections.