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    Width of a <rich:select>

    Thomas Bétrancourt Newbie



      I've got a <rich:select> in a resizable <rich:panel>. I would like that the <rich:select> to be resized automatically with the panel. I've tried to set the attribute width="100%" and style="width: 100%" but it doesn't work.


      Is it possible to obtain this functionality ?


      Thanks for you support.

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          Mark Paluch Master

          Hi Thomas,

          usually, the width is defined for the input within the class "input.rf-sel-inp" in the Skin. You could override that class, so you can reach perhaps your goal.


          Best regards,


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            Thomas Bétrancourt Newbie

            Hi Mark,


            I've already tried with the css class input.rf-sel-inp. The problem is that the <rich:select> is inside a div which can be resized by the user (via Jquery Plugin Splitter).


            I've found a solution with the jquery resize plugin which tell when a component is resized and then i resize the input.


            I'll try to make an mini project to explain my solution, because it's a common question.


            I've to solve a other problem with the type of the items... My objects are converted to String, so when jsf try to put this string in a Object, this crashes...


            Thanks for you answer Mark.




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              Yash Yadav Newbie

              Hi Thomas,


              Could please let me know how it was achieved through jquery.

              I am stuck with the  resize of rich:select, from forum i have found that "style width" doesnt work on rich:select in 4.0. <https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10763>