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    Using a4j:support with h:selectOneMenu doesn't add javascript.  JSF 1.2/GF 3.1.1/ RF 3.3.3 Final

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      Can anyone out here help?


      During our migration to JAVA 6 and glassfish 3.1.1, the a4j:support tag - when used with h:selectOneMenu - no longer adds the necessary javascript to make things ajaxified. I checked the page source.


      We've been migrating to glassfish 3.1.1 and we've been told to keep using jsf 1.2 and not refactor for now.


      We are going from:


      1) Spring Web Flow

      2) JSF 1.2

      3) Richfaces 3.3.3-final

      4) Glassfish 2.1




      1) SWF

      2) JSF 1.2

      3) Richfaces 3.3.3-final

      4) Glassfish 3.3.1


      Been using info from these pages:






      And everything appeared to work fine until we tested the h:selectOneMenu with a4j:support.  Something like this doesn't render any javascript at all.


      <h:selectOneMenu id="selectOneMenu"  value="#{Bean1.val1}" >

          <f:selectItems value="#{Bean1.selectItems}"/>

          <a4j:support event="onchange" action="#{Bean1.onSelectOneMenuChange}" reRender="textbox1 , textbox2 , textbox3, textbox4"  />



      Even adding an onclick handler directly on h:selectOneMenu does not add the javascript. 


      <h:selectOneMenu id="selectOneMenu"  value="#{Bean1.val1}" onclick="alert('i am neo')" >




      Adding a4j:support to the h:input and rich:calendar components still works, so it seems the renderer/component handling selectOneMenu tag is not handling or deferring to the a4j:support component?  Would any else know what's going on and how to fix it?